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Testi d’esame disponibili in formato elettronico

In rete di Ateneo

Alpaydin: Introduction to machine learning (3 ed.)
Alur: Principles of cyber-physical systems
Baldi: Stochastic Calculus
Bardi: Optimal control and viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations
Barron: Game theory: an introduction (2 ed.)
Bell: Set theory : boolean-valued models and independence proofs (3 ed.)
Bernard: IT Service Management Based on ITIL® 2011 Edition
Björk: Arbitrage theory in continuous time (2 ed.)
Bremaud: Markov Chains, Gibbs Fields, Monte Carlo Simulation and queues (2 ed.)
Brezis: Functional analysis, Sobolev spaces and partial differential equations
Caravenna: Probabilità
Cardin: Elementary symplectic topology and mechanics
Conforti: Integer programming
Cormen: Introduction to algorithms
Drake: Android Hacker's Handbook
Dumas: Fundamentals of business process management
Evans: Measure theory and fine properties of functions (rev. ed.)
Fitzmaurice: Applied longitudinal analysis (2 ed.)
Gu: Structural bioinformatics (2 ed.)
Hennessy: Computer architecture : a quantitative approach (5 ed.)
Isaacs: Algebra : a graduate course
Isaacs: Finite group theory
Jacobson: Basic algebra, v.1 (2 ed.)
Jain: Introduction to Biometrics
Kato: Number theory, v.1: Fermatʼs dream
Kato: Number theory, v.2: Introduction to class field theory
Klenke: Probability theory. A comprehensive course (3 ed.)
Klette: Concise computer vision
Lamberton: Introduction to stochastic calculus applied to finance (2 ed.)
Lax: Functional analysis
Lee: Introduction to smooth manifolds
Mac Lane: Categories for the Working Mathematician (2 ed.)
MacKenzie: Game theory for wireless engineers
Marcus: Number fields
McDuff: Introduction to symplectic topology (3 ed.)
Miranda: Algebraic curves and Riemann surfaces
Nisan: Algorithmic game theory
Pascucci: Finanza matematica
Quarteroni: Calcolo scientifico (6 ed.)
Quarteroni: Introduzione al calcolo scientifico (3 ed.)
Quarteroni: Modellistica numerica per problemi differenziali (6 ed.)
Quarteroni: Numerical models for differential problems (2 ed.)
Quarteroni: Scientific computing with MATLAB and Octave (4 ed.)
Ratha: Advances in biometrics
Ross: Applied probability models with optimization applications (2 ed.)
Rotman: An introduction to Homological Algebra (2 ed.)
Safarevič: Basic algebraic geometry, v.1: Varieties in projective space (3 ed.)
Safarevič: Basic algebraic geometry, v.2: Schemes and complex manifolds (3 ed.)
Salsa: Equazioni a derivate parziali : metodi, modelli e applicazioni (2 ed.)
Salsa: Partial differential equations in action (3 ed.)
Salsa: Partial Differential Equations in Action: Complements and Exercises
Schneider, Peter: Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology : an introduction
Schneier, Bruce: Applied cryptography: protocols, algorthms, and source code in C (2 ed.)
Seierstad: Optimal control theory with economic applications
Stenstrom: Rings of quotients
Stewart: Algebraic number theory and Fermat's last theorem (4 ed.)
van Oosten: Realizability: an introduction to its categorical side
Watt: Machine learning refined
Weibel: An introduction to homological algebra

Accesso libero

Arnolʹd: Mathematical methods of classical mechanics (2 ed.)
Atiyah: Introduction to commutative algebra
Beauville: Surfaces algebriques complexes
Bennett: The essential cosmic perspective (2 ed.)
Coxeter: Geometry revisited
Cutland: Computability
Dalen: Logic and structure (3 ed.)
Etingof: Introduction to representation theory
Goodfellow: Deep learning
Hastie: Elements of statistical learning: data mining, inference, and prediction (2 ed.)
Hoffman: Linear algebra (2 ed.)
Hopcroft: Introduction to automata theory, languages, and computation (3 ed.)
Hull: Options, futures, and other derivatives (5 ed.)
Humphreys: Introduction to Lie algebras and representation theory
James: An introduction to statistical learning (7 ed.)
Kolmogorov: Elements of the theory of functions and functional analysis, v. 1: Metric and normed spaces
Kolmogorov: Elements of the theory of functions and functional analysis, v. 2: Measure, the Lebesgue integral, Hilbert space
Landau: Course of theoretical physics, v.2: The classical theory of fields
Levi-Civita: Lezioni di meccanica razionale, v.1: Cinematica. Principi e statica
Lucchetti: A primer in game theory
Macdonald: Algebraic geometry; introduction to schemes
Minè: Tutorial on static inference of numeric invariants by abstract interpretation
Mitchell: Machine learning : an artificial intelligence approach
Nielson: Semantics with applications
Nordstrom: Programming in Martin-Loef’s type theory. An introduction
Patterson: Computer organization and design (3 ed.)
Quarteroni: Numerical approximation of partial differential equations
Riesz: Functional analysis
Rotman: An introduction to algebraic topology
Rudin: Functional analysis (2 ed.)
Rudin: Principles of mathematical analysis (3 ed.)
Rudin: Real and complex analysis (2 ed.)
Safarevič: Basic algebraic geometry
Safarevič: Basic algebraic geometry
Safarevič: Basic algebraic geometry, v.1: Varieties in projective space (2 ed.)
Schilling: Strategic management of technological innovation
Schutz: A first course in general relativity (2 ed.)
Seeds: Foundations of astronomy (2 ed.)
Serre: Linear representations of finite groups
Sommerville: Software engineering (6 ed.)
Tanenbaum: Computer networks (3 ed.)
Tanenbaum: Computer networks (3 ed.)
Tanenbaum: Distributed systems (2 ed.)
Tanenbaum: Modern operating systems (2 ed.)
Tucker: Applied combinatorics (6 ed.)
Tucker: Applied combinatorics
Weinberg: Gravitation and cosmology

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Testi d'esame

Laurea in: Matematica, Informatica
Laurea magistrale in: Matematica, Informatica, Data science, Cybersecurity

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